Thursday, March 31, 2011

a bird pooped on my car.

today a bird pooped on my window. gross. but then i found this picture using 'the google'. opposite of gross. so really, it all balanced out in the end. leaving me with one-h-of-a-good-day.

i have nothing to complain about. nope. today was one of those days when you step outside and feel the perfectly temperate air, squint upward to see the insanely blue sky and look across the street to witness the endless road-construction on seven peaks blvd that has completely closed off all but one entrance...causing a mild inconvenience.

and you realize that this day...this specific why you live in utah.

utah knows how to make em'.

a perfect day. a roll down your window, throw on the shades in a white t-shirt, jam-out to neil young kind-of-day. so ideal.

and seriously...after enduring through the wretched wasatch winter...we deserve it.

that's right cougs. bring out those coveted frisbees and slip on those bermuda shorts (which somehow never go out of style in provo--tragically) because the king henry pool is open and the bbq's have been defrosted.

the warm-weather-craze is contagious. you just can't help but join in the fun.

in fact, today i decided to take one of my first outdoor runs in months. it was a big step (get it, 'big step') for me. one, because my jacked-up knee has been healing from january's half marathon and the time warm weather rolls around it is always hard for me to part with my treadmill. all winter long we keep up such a solid relationship and then summer hits and bam. i forget all about it...

wait...where was i?

oh yes, so i went running. and i kid-you-not when i say that joe-coug could have told me that a 5k race happening down ninth east, and i would have believed him. there were that many runners out.

all those cougs just doing their thing. basking in the glorious...oh-so-glorious and forgotten sun.

provo awoke from the dead today.

the ice thawed and campus villa released their captives (kidding, i've never even been to campus just looks scary from the outside).

sunshine makes people do wild and crazy things.

especially the cougs. they've been inside studying and going to f.h.e. all winter. they deserve some fun. fact, i am pretty sure i saw a girl tragically attempting to perform 'the bend and snap' today (legally blonde reference--don't know it? click here. one of my all-time-favorite movies. this movie is so good that i based my sophomore year class officer campaign around it. and yes, i made it. so...there you go. "oh my gosh. the bend and snap, works everytime!")

days like these remind me of that legendary hike up to the y. my first year down in provo. that first gasp of spring air in late march.

it started it all. all these blurry-wonderful-oh-so-hazy-perfect years of who-even-knows what. and here i am. still breathing.

april is going to be just swell.

i can feel it.

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