Monday, March 28, 2011

holi, holi krishna.

i'm proud to announce to the world...

that i finally made it to the holi krishna festival of colors.

yes, i know. it is a good ol' modern day miracle.

the stars truly aligned.
just for me.

and as the hindu gods would have it, i did not get caught in any ridiculous freeway traffic...or have to work or forget about the date (the occurrences of years past).

you see, the festival of colors was one of those experiences i just had to have. it was a curiosity that needed to be understood. a void that had to be filled with chalky-colors-of-bright-yellow-blue-green-and-neon-pink (the last of which being very tough, almost impossible to get out of blond hair. really though. it was like...go through-a-whole-bottle-of-shampoo-and-scrub-out-vigorously-over-kitchen-sink hard to get out of my hair.)

overall, the holi krishna celebration was something i just had to see for myself.

and it rocked. (besides the straining for breath in the clouds of destroying colors and the burning in your eyes when they fill with the chalk floating in the air. my contact lenses will never be the same.)

but hey, it was the first time in my life that i could stand in a crowd of overzealous, possibly high individuals, covered it dirt and chalk, on a muddy hill outside the sri sri radha krishna temple screaming, "burn the witch, burn the witch, burn the witch."

ever since sophomore year american studies with birrell and wolsey i've always wondered what it would be like to live during the salem witch trials.

hm. maybe now i know.

though i am guessing that the puritans didn't have larisa stow and the shakti tribe rockin' their worlds with their krishna-indie-bad-a-rock music.

sha-sha-zam-zam (krishna style).

and man, the crowds that attend the holi krishna celebration ranged from the wildest of byu cougars, to the druggies of uvu, to the punk-a high school students of the spanish fork-payson areas, to hard core hippies...and of course, the actual worshipers of krishna.

one of the 'krishna legends' is the flirtatious, playful relationship of krishna and radha. see, lord krishna was considered to be a prankster and quite the ladies man when he was younger. all the girls wanted him.

apparently krishna was quite the t.h.d.n. (triple hottie double nottie).

anyway. one day he asked his mother, yashoda, why his skin was so dark and radha's skin so light. yashoda playfully suggested that he smear color on radha's face and make it any color he wanted (super romantic, right? 'hey babe. i don't really like your skin color. here--let me spread chalk all over your skin.')

hence, the festival of colors.

and although i am guessing that story isn't actually true--i really like it. the whole celebration is very playful, flirtatious and full of life.

a celebration of light-hearted-care-free-chalk-stuck-in-the-hair-bliss proclaiming that life is so very beautiful.

throw the colors up in the air and mosh the day away.

i'd call it a success (besides the arrival of multiple ambulances for the crowd surfering attempts gone horribly wrong).

holi krishna.

oh, and i didn't take my camera to the festival for fear of it being destroyed (which it would have been) so this is all i've got.


  1. Holi Krishna! I hope you told you know who to stop you know what you know where...or this could be my last ya know!


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