Saturday, March 5, 2011

life's a great balancing act.

i want to be a mom. (i know, this is not a usual topic of expression for me...but here we go...)

maybe not today. correction: definitely not today. and definitely not tomorrow.

probably not next year. and maybe not the next.

or the next. (to sum it up: no time soon.)

but someday.

oh-how-i-want that so badly. please. (no, not necessarily the actual "being pregnant" part. the getting fat. the swollen ankles. the carrying around an alien-like-creepy-living-thing that will be growing inside of my body, kicking me from the inside out at two in the morning. in fact, pregnancy is probably my greatest fear in life. no, i'm not joking my first child is going to be an interesting experience. ha, to say the least. i've always been the type that won't feel other people's bellys when 'the baby is kicking'...and get's a little bit tense when holding a newborn. instead of babysitting when i was twelve, i would clean people's houses for money. ha.)

yeah, not that.
i want the stuff that comes after.

after the pain and weird-a things that the body does...

that being said, i realize i will have to go through the 'ew' part first. though i like to imagine that the stork is going to drop off mine.

but it's all worth it.

wednesday was dr. seuss's birthday. you probably already know this if you know me or read this blog regularly, but i love dr. seuss.

he is a literary genius.

i have a collection of most of his books sitting in my closet at home right now. they bring me so much joy.

are you wondering what brought on this random blurb of thoughts on wanting to be a mom and dr. seuss? let me explain.

see, i work right across from a library.

and a darling little library at that.

all day long on wednesday i watched as kids came out with their home-made dr. seuss hats embellished with red crayon and glued together with elmers glue.

i couldn't help but want that. 'i want that'--quoting napoleon dynamite.

no, not the hats. though they were tempting.

i wanted that.

that: to take my kids to story time on dr. seuss day at the city library.

so simple. so lovely. so me.

sure, it contradicts the slightly obnoxious 'i want to pursue my career' drum beat that i often choose to march along to.

and sure, that is great too. but not as great as this.

i want to see my children laugh as the animated librarian reads from 'oh the places you'll go.' i want to watch their eyes light up as we discover 'the lorax.' (think they'll catch it's political outcry for the environment at age seven?)

yes please, that is for me. i'll take it.

i want to tie my daughter's hair up in a pony-tail and tell her that she is the most beautiful girl that ever lived.

then whisper in her ear "you can be anything you choose to be ducky" and give her a kiss on the head.

she'll be beautiful. it will scare her daddy. that dreaded day when they boys start noticing her.

mmmgh. please. let me have that.

a little boy with bright blue eyes. he'll be curious. very, very curious. he will be adventurous. maybe run away from home to the tree's behind our house. he will claim that he is an indian. or a mountain man. or maybe a nomadic herder.

he will laugh in the face of danger. at least until dinner comes along.

maybe he'll be in a band. maybe he'll play baseball. maybe he'll do stupid things that boys do.

yup. i want all of that. every single bit.

so that's that.

happy birthday dr. seuss.

p.s. isn't the little girl in this picture one of the sassiest little things you've ever seen? i love it.

...step with care and great tact.
and's a great balancing act.
just never forget to be dexterous and deft.
and never mix up your right foot from your left.

-dr. seuss, oh the places you'll go.

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