Friday, March 4, 2011

save a horse ride a...single lady. eh-hem (part III).

ok. now for part three.
the real exciting stuff.
after dinner we hit the streets of salt lake city at
keys on main...
a piano bar on main street.
check out their website here.

erin in her bachelorette
sash and pink feather boa.

this is my new favorite picture of er-bear and i.
i love her so much.
and she's getting married!!!
these are my people.we paid the pianists to dedicate a song to er-bear.
the options we gave them were save a horse ride a cowboy by big and rich...
(you can thank aubry for these selections by the way...)
and single ladies by beyonce.
the crowd chose single ladies.
erin had the whole place dancing and singing along.
not sure what this face is all about...
it was a rockin' bachelorette party.
and i couldn't be more excited for our little erin and austin.
i'll post some pics of the wedding in may.
thanks for a great weekend.

love you girls.

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