Thursday, April 21, 2011

sweet baby james.

how charming is this? no, no. how perfect is this?

fairytale really.

it's right up there with cinderella. and pretty woman.

"hello, welcome to my wedding reception. oh yeah, it's one of the most breathtaking and inspiring scenes you will ever see in your existence here on earth. no biggie. yes, have a seat. thanks for coming."

practically perfect in every way....

just like shia lebeouf (my new crush).

i've recently discovered that he is by-far one of the best dressed males in our society. and i'm very serious about this.

you don't believe me?

go here. and here. and maybe even here (and even if you do believe me i recommend checkin' this looker out).

see what i'm talking about? the kid has got the look down, down, down. thanks jay sean.

other than dreaming of shia lebeouf and wedding receptions in old white-washed barns (interesting combo, i realize)...

i've been listening to a little bit of james taylor. sweet baby james. who i am also in love with, but a bit too old for me.

along with some tom petty and the rolling stones.

i know, it's good stuff.

and honestly, i have some mixed feelings about the stones. but we won't get into those.

also, i wanted to throw out a big congrats to all the cougs out there grad-u-ating this weekend. i know i'll be spending most of my weekend celebrating with the best of em'.

party extra hard these next few days guys. i think cecil would approve.

as for me, i guess i will now go back to downing my cascade ice, wild berry flavored sparkling water while packing up my bedroom.

oh yeah, i'm moving again.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


returning home from a weekend in paradise is not easy.

paradise meaning a bankrupt-ritzy-resort located thirty-seven minutes off of the las vegas strip in henderson, nevada.

that's right.

i'm going to clue you in on the secret. because it's a good one.

thirty-five hundred acres of pure bliss. this area is so upscale that celine dion purchased a house in the neighborhood.

yup, celine herself (and i would know, because i have paddle-boated to her house).

you're wondering why you haven't heard about this heaven on earth?

well, listen up. here is the kicker: though the resort is--in my mind--one of the most brilliant things that has ever happened to las vegas (aside from honey, i blew up the kid)...others did not feel that way.

in fact, in 2008 the resort filed for chapter eleven and went completely bankrupt. with debts much higher than the revenue celine could bring in from any of her shows (no, i really don't know if that is true...but trust me, this place was drowning in debt. which is ironic, because it is on a lake. and lakes are water. and you drown in water. okay, nevermind.)

and as upsetting as i am sure this was to the property owners around the resort and anyone who had invested any sort of money into it...

it was a fast pass to a life of luxury at the warwick household.

that's right. prices took a nose-dive to an all-time low, private owners lowered rental rates and well...let's just say that the resort was doing just about anything they could to bring in visitors.

and well-by-golly they got us.

needless to say, prices are still ridiculously low. and us warwicks eat it up.

we've been back a few times now. and let me tell you, that it only gets better as the years go on. the sun gets hotter. the italian gelato gets tastier. and the memories get cheesier.

just what we like.

and this time around, i learned a lot about myself.

i know, right? lake las vegas, who knew?

i'm going to blame it on the gelato. that italian ice cream really gets ya.

...truly, i now have a better understanding for who keen, who kristen, who little-miss-kris really is.

maybe it was the ridiculously-competitive-never-ending rounds of catch phrase or perhaps just the simple fact that i actually had time to sit and think about my life in the scorching hot desert sun.

but it really doesn't matter, because whatever it made me think.

i am truly my fathers daughter.

just like him, i am a thinker. my mind is constantly going even though i don't often show it. we are under-reactors. often times we show our approval with a nod or a smile, in place of where others might react with more apparent forms of approval. like a nice loud burst of laughter.

we don't attract drama. and we often don't express the inward concerns or worries that we may have. we'll let it eat at us and deal with it on our own. someway. somehow.

it's dangerous.

one of my most proud possessions is my logic. yup, i get that from my daddy-o as well.

he has the gift of always thinking and expressing himself logically. emotions rarely--if ever--get in the way. and though i can't say that i never let emotions get the best of me, i could not be more grateful that he passed this ability along to me.

i'm okay with silence. not all the time, but sometimes. i don't mind time to think. or to look out a car window. or to work alone. in fact, i need that time.

yes sir. that is my dad for you.

and then we have mom. i get a lot from my mom.

my feisty-don't-mess-with-this attitude that accompanies the louder side of me. the side that encourages a good debate and loves arguing a little to much.

i love challenges. and i thrive on competition.

it's the chatty side of me. the one that goes into a room and leaves with four new friends. that right there is the shell-bell in me.

thank-the-stars-above for the gifts my mom has given me.

she gave me her confidence. and her great sense of style (thanks momma). the ability to love. and oh, when i say love...i mean hard-core-no-stopping-it-forever-and-onward love.

no one loves like my mother.

and of course (and she'll kill me if she reads this) my flirty side. oh yes, shell-bell was quite the little flirt in her day. and though i doubt i can top her numbers, let's just say that the gene was passed on.

interesting mix, eh?

the quiet logic and the loud-people-lovin'-extrovert.

yup, it all equals out to me.

i listen to a variety of old seventies rock and nineties grunge artists.

will probably judge you based off of your music choices, am decently picky when it comes to humor...and though i absolutely love shopping while sipping on an icy-cold-diet-coke (one of the most classically girlish things in the world), often make fun of dramatic-wreaking-females.

one thing is for sure. i am not always consistent.

my different sides may surprise you. yes, even you celine. and believe me when i say, my heart will go on.

eddie says it pretty good here. and read the lyrics here. "....i wish i was a messenger and all the news was good."

so there you have it, just another learning experience.

that's who i am. now with a nice tan.


cheers, celine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i'm beginning to notice a pattern, based off of my last few entries.

that when the sun is shining, i seem to be more inspired to write. perhaps i am seasonally depressed.

if so, i definitely get in from my dad. that poor man was born and raised in the heart of san diego, california. and let me tell you...seeing dave walk outside on the first day of sun and warmth is like watching the pilgrims kiss the very ground of plymouth rock.

the hibernation ends and life begins.

i truly am his daughter.

...sitting here with my window open, warm air streaming in...topped off with the grinding sound of the never-ending-oh-so-very-irritating-construction-pump-that-continues-pumping-round-the-clock-twenty-four-hours-seven-days-a-week...shaking our apartments and destroying our sanity...

and it makes me very happy.

almost as happy as i was when i saw a shirtless rob lowe on the cover of may's issue of vanity fair. what is he...fifty now?

he's a looker.

i'm just glad to see he's keeping it real.

now let's just plaster pictures of john stamos on GQ and i think we can pretty much guarantee that may is going to keep the profits-a-risin' for print journalism.

right uncle j.? it's all about strategy people.

another thing that makes me happy....

this dress (pictured above).

not to mention the fact that i have a major girl crush on the female in it (i'll love you until the day you die jen).

but really...this isn't about her. this is about the dress.

dreamy little gal, isn't she?

i must have it.

maybe i will find a way to get married soon. and if so, i will start my diet today. hm, no tomorrow.

and by diet i mean starving myself on greenbeans and almonds until i have the body of jen-jen and can fit into that one h. of a sexy dress.

...totally kidding.

i don't even really like almonds.

and honestly, i am too addicted to oh's cereal to ever let myself starve. yes, honey graham oh's.

what? you've never had oh's?

it is most definitely time that you do. because they are oh-so-heavenly. and available at walmart.

well, as luck would have it...i am headed south for the weekend.

to a land of ninety-degree weather and italian gelato

i'm going to sit back in a lounge chair with a good book and some fashion magazines...listen to my boy neil and stay there until the sun goes down.

yes sir. that is my plan.

in the words of neil, 'you're such a beautiful fish. floppin' on the summer sand. lookin' for the wave you missed. when another one is close at hand. you're such a stupid girl.'

and nope, that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that i am listening to it right now and that sometimes i really do feel like that stupid little fish floppin' around...just trying to catch that moment that i may have missed. so focused on the wave that already went out, i forget the one that is here and now.

stupid girl.

as uncle jesse would say, "kapeesh."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lynyrd skynrd.

let me begin by venting. for just a second.

because i have just about had it up to 'here' (you can't see where here is, but trust me it's up up-there-with- the "y"-on-the-mountain-up-there) with the road construction outside of my apartment complex.

not that the girls of belmont don't appreciate the constant cat-calling, horn-honking and raping-stares that we get walking to our cars from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday.

i mean, we don't want to seem ungrateful.

attention, right?

nothing more flattering than a complete disrespect for anything female with some boobs, butt and legs.

...on the positive side, who doesn't want a ridiculously-uncomfortable-slightly-demoralizing-self-esteem boost for the day?

yee-haw, brad.

as you may be able to tell by my disgusted undertones, i am anxiously awaiting the end of the seven peaks blvd. road construction tale.

sadly, judging by the small-city-size-holes in the ground...i'm thinking we have a while.

cheers to six in the morning, 'truck-backing-up-incessant-beeping' wake up calls. and the charming gentlemen that are becoming my new besties.

other than the forever-long, forever-strong road construction, i don't have much to complain about.

in fact, i was so excited with my recent thrift store find that i had to share a picture of it in this blog post.

drum roll please.

my lynyrd skynrd t-shirt. skull and all. yup, two dollars. can you say 'sold'?

one thing you should know about me (if you haven't already figured it out): i am a sucker for any sort of 70's rock band propaganda. especially in the form of a t-shirt. seriously.

i guess it's my way of clinging to the years that i never actually experienced but strongly feel like i was meant to be a part of.

1988 was just a few years too late.

yes. i'm the girl that buys tickets to see the oldies band america at tuacahn in st. george for a second time around. spoke to gerry from the audience during their concert on an indian reservation in tucson, arizona. jams out to neil young practically everyday. has danced the night away with all the old-folk at a life-changing-world-turning beach boys concert. just about dies with happiness when she hears the byrds come on in smith's grocery store. and owns a few too many beatles shirts.

this obsession is not for appearance. it is not an effort to somehow stand out or be different. it is a true love.

a love that i really can't explain. a love that just is.

on the other hand. i have to give credit to the music of today. i mean, come on...katy perry's new 'e.t.'

what the h.? want to see a perfect example of a large-budget-in-the-hands-of-the-wrong-people music video? check it out here.

two words: alien sex.

apparently we really can make anything and everything about sex in this world. including extraterrestrials.

cowabunga dude.

welcome to earth peeps. we love creepy-sexual things. and you better believe that we get classier as the years go on.

nonetheless, i am victim to the music. it's catchy. it makes me want to run fast and beat the-you-know-what out of those e.t.'s.

whatever happened to drew barrymore and the family-friendly-completely-non-sexual-1980's extraterrestrial that we once knew?

i miss him.

come on everyone. 'beeeeeeee....good.' (in the words of e.t.)

this past weekend was a humbling experience. i was able to spend a good majority of it listening to general conference (for more info click here.)

it was enlightening, to say the least.

motivating. energizing. personal. and understanding.

and besides the certain talks that i fell asleep for (which i am blaming soley on the allergy medicine that i was forced to take due to the record breaking amount of allergens in the air this springtime) was a much needed wake up call for my life.

like a breath of fresh, allergen-free air.

if you open your heart to learning, you will. and it will be deep and personal. certain words will ring all so clearly and true. almost as if they couldn't have been written more perfectly if that had been written specifically with you in mind.

this time around, the leaders of the church talked a lot about marriage (as you can imagine, it's been the buzz around provo ever since.)

not only about dating and finding that special someone but also about those who are already married...who may be struggling or lacking adequate efforts.

this world is such a scary place. scary but oh-so-very-convincing.

somedays i look around and the pictures i witness are not-so-pretty. and franky, quite frightening.

i see people that have very little good to say about their marriages. i see divorces. separations after small amounts of time. i see loneliness. betrayal. and hurt.

ehhhh. it makes me cringe.

the past few weeks have been exceptionally bad.

kind of like like the universe was shoving all this negativity towards marriage directly at me.

in fact, i am willing to admit to you right now...that i was feeling a loss of hope in the idea of marriage.

don't get me wrong.
i knew i wanted it. i knew that it was in the cards for me. of course.

but i feared it.

i know, right? i actually felt fear when thinking about marriage.

no, i wasn't always this way. there was a time, not-so-long-ago when i would have said 'yes' in a heartbeat. having complete faith in it.

naiviety is not always a bad thing.
a lesson i have learned with every year i grow older.

and then circumstances changed. i found myself alone on an airplane, watching a little boy play with a rubiks cube.

at that point, i changed. i became colder and more reserved. scared of things not going right again. i learned how to flip off my emotions at any given moment.

i learned how to not care. more specifically- i let myself learn to not care (i take full responsibility for how i changed.)

and eventually...i found myself sitting in front of the television during sunday afternoon session of conference...sobbing.

...completely in tears as elder richard g. scott spoke of marriage in the most precious, personal of ways.

it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

and i wasn't alone.

millions of others heard those same words. hundreds and thousands of others in similar situations relating to marriage.

we listened. and our hearts were touched.

i've said it before. but my generation is the generation of the greener grass. we're always looking for the very best...always curious as to what is over on the other side.

and we can come up with as many excuses as we want.

we can let the world convince us that marriage is painful and simply not worth the effort.

but let's not.

instead, we can listen to the words of elder richard g. scott. "it is so rewarding to be married. marriage is wonderful. you have times when you are extremely happy, times of testing, and times of trial. but the lord guides you through all of those experiences together."

i like that. a lot. in the words of a very cute little blonde haired boy that i once knew, "i like you...sometimes."

after running with my bff aubry today...a good four-ish miles and a solid fourty-mintues of run/chatting...i have diagnosed life as lovely with moments of 'just-keep-on-moving-forward' no matter how painful it might be. whether you are searching for someone and having no luck. or are scared of being lonely. or have just given up all-together...

chin up. because it will all be okay.

plus. i've got a lynyrd skynrd shirt.

i want this baby.

...this makes me laugh everytime.
every single time.

happy tuesday.