Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i'm beginning to notice a pattern, based off of my last few entries.

that when the sun is shining, i seem to be more inspired to write. perhaps i am seasonally depressed.

if so, i definitely get in from my dad. that poor man was born and raised in the heart of san diego, california. and let me tell you...seeing dave walk outside on the first day of sun and warmth is like watching the pilgrims kiss the very ground of plymouth rock.

the hibernation ends and life begins.

i truly am his daughter.

...sitting here with my window open, warm air streaming in...topped off with the grinding sound of the never-ending-oh-so-very-irritating-construction-pump-that-continues-pumping-round-the-clock-twenty-four-hours-seven-days-a-week...shaking our apartments and destroying our sanity...

and it makes me very happy.

almost as happy as i was when i saw a shirtless rob lowe on the cover of may's issue of vanity fair. what is he...fifty now?

he's a looker.

i'm just glad to see he's keeping it real.

now let's just plaster pictures of john stamos on GQ and i think we can pretty much guarantee that may is going to keep the profits-a-risin' for print journalism.

right uncle j.? it's all about strategy people.

another thing that makes me happy....

this dress (pictured above).

not to mention the fact that i have a major girl crush on the female in it (i'll love you until the day you die jen).

but really...this isn't about her. this is about the dress.

dreamy little gal, isn't she?

i must have it.

maybe i will find a way to get married soon. and if so, i will start my diet today. hm, no tomorrow.

and by diet i mean starving myself on greenbeans and almonds until i have the body of jen-jen and can fit into that one h. of a sexy dress.

...totally kidding.

i don't even really like almonds.

and honestly, i am too addicted to oh's cereal to ever let myself starve. yes, honey graham oh's.

what? you've never had oh's?

it is most definitely time that you do. because they are oh-so-heavenly. and available at walmart.

well, as luck would have it...i am headed south for the weekend.

to a land of ninety-degree weather and italian gelato

i'm going to sit back in a lounge chair with a good book and some fashion magazines...listen to my boy neil and stay there until the sun goes down.

yes sir. that is my plan.

in the words of neil, 'you're such a beautiful fish. floppin' on the summer sand. lookin' for the wave you missed. when another one is close at hand. you're such a stupid girl.'

and nope, that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that i am listening to it right now and that sometimes i really do feel like that stupid little fish floppin' around...just trying to catch that moment that i may have missed. so focused on the wave that already went out, i forget the one that is here and now.

stupid girl.

as uncle jesse would say, "kapeesh."


  1. Alright, I'll marry you.

  2. 1 you do have the body of jen jen
    2 you might need to get a job if you are planing on buying that dress.


from keen.