Thursday, April 21, 2011

sweet baby james.

how charming is this? no, no. how perfect is this?

fairytale really.

it's right up there with cinderella. and pretty woman.

"hello, welcome to my wedding reception. oh yeah, it's one of the most breathtaking and inspiring scenes you will ever see in your existence here on earth. no biggie. yes, have a seat. thanks for coming."

practically perfect in every way....

just like shia lebeouf (my new crush).

i've recently discovered that he is by-far one of the best dressed males in our society. and i'm very serious about this.

you don't believe me?

go here. and here. and maybe even here (and even if you do believe me i recommend checkin' this looker out).

see what i'm talking about? the kid has got the look down, down, down. thanks jay sean.

other than dreaming of shia lebeouf and wedding receptions in old white-washed barns (interesting combo, i realize)...

i've been listening to a little bit of james taylor. sweet baby james. who i am also in love with, but a bit too old for me.

along with some tom petty and the rolling stones.

i know, it's good stuff.

and honestly, i have some mixed feelings about the stones. but we won't get into those.

also, i wanted to throw out a big congrats to all the cougs out there grad-u-ating this weekend. i know i'll be spending most of my weekend celebrating with the best of em'.

party extra hard these next few days guys. i think cecil would approve.

as for me, i guess i will now go back to downing my cascade ice, wild berry flavored sparkling water while packing up my bedroom.

oh yeah, i'm moving again.



  1. that is the most romantic reception I have ever seen. Please give it to me. I will marry anyone if i can have that reception. PS- have you noticed you obsession with weddings lately. jen jen's dress, barn reception. Humm.....

  2. i'm not obsessed. the universe is just throwing this ish at me. what am i supposed to do? just go with it.

  3. i would have to agree with you on mr lebeouf. ive always had a crush on him. for way too long. and he is just getting better as years pass.

  4. james taylor=one of the best things in life
    moving= maybe the worst thing in life
    packing things up while listening to james taylor= right in the middle of the spectrum

  5. agreed. james makes anything better.


from keen.