Monday, May 30, 2011

cortez the killer.

there is an episode of friends where ross decides to leave the fate of his marriage with emily in the hands a magic eight ball (nice, eh?).

ross is a keeper. ha.

basically, he's overwhelmed with the choice he has been presented with and needs someone to make it for him.

however, no one will.

hence the magic eight ball.

honestly. at this point in my life. i'm thinking that's not such a ridiculously-scripted-ross-based-idea. i'm thinking the magic eight ball and i could have a healthy relationship.

seriously, i'm about one more sleepless night away from hoppin' on over to the friendly-neighborhood-toys-r-freakin'-us and getting me one of those.

i've got a lot of choosing and deciding currently going on in my pretty little life and frankly, i'm tired of the constant stress and pressure.

in fact, today i came across a saying on some random cute-sy blog...."when it's all said and done. all roads lead to the same end. so it's not which road you take but how you take it."

oh. how cuuuuu...wait, what?!

i just about had a full on conniption fit right then and there.

of course it matters what road you take, moron.

my gosh.

for the love people.
what a dumb-a quote.

i'm sorry, but lets look at this from a 'real-life' perspective.

because i'm fairly certain that the road over there is going to lead me just south-of-option-#1-of-my-life's-optimum-station-in-what-i-love-very-most and that other twisty-turvy road is going to drop me out just northeast of being-the-thing-i-really-want-to-be-but-am-slightly-scared-of-becoming.

and then there is the road that is clearly the safest (i do love those roads).

and of course, i could also head left on the road is the by-far the most ballsy (tempting. very tempting).

and then there is option #5 that is stamped with the "parents-choice award".

and don't forget about the road unknown, where no promises are made and all things are new. which could also be refreshing.

seriously, no offense to the person who coined that ridiculous phrase, but...i'm pretty sure all these options are not going to spit me out in the same station of life.

in fact, i'm predicting (along with a 60% chance of rain) that i will end up in very, very completely different places, with different experiences and different people depending on which road i decide to take.

i was recently talking to a friend about our generation. how we thrive off of the dream of independence, freedom and mobility.

"i'm afraid to buy furniture," he said. "if i want to pick-up and move. then i want to be able to throw my stuff into a suitcase and go."

yes, there is that side of me. that side is in many of us.

we don't necessarily thrive off of the dreams our parents and their parents built their lives around.


yes, however.

there is a large part of me that does. a part of me that craves solidarity and consistency. a chunk of my being that wants to settle down and wake up next to a loving face every morning.

a part of me that wants security and establishment.

yup, it just depends on the day really.

so, what do you think? option a? or option b?

or one of the many, many others?


alright, it's time to go find myself a magic eight ball.

p.s. one day i will have a little girl. and i will make her room look just like this one pictured above. fair warning to my future hubby--i will go crazy over my children's bedrooms. my apologies in advance.

p.p.s. does anyone have any suggestions on music for this rainy day? i'm wanting something fresh and catchy.

p.p.p.s. i'm listening to some neil right now. hence the title of this post. i've said hence a lot today. that's suuuper annoying. sorry about that.


  1. check out "I was made for sunny days" by the weepies... It's a good one, rain or shine

  2. listening to it now! and i'm loving it!

    thank you!

  3. 1.Oh how I love that room
    2.I will get you a magic eight ball kris.
    3."Hunger Strike" by Temple of the Dog because Eddie sounds wonderful.

  4. You only have one option... follow your heart. It will never lead you astray. If your heart isn't telling you what way to go, then you need to start moving in a direction. You'll either get the reinforcement that the direction you're moving is right, or the anxiety of doing something that doesn't resonate.

    Move forward. Remaining comfortable will only prolong the anxiety.

    Choose what you love, then love what you choose.

    Also, look into Mates of State.


from keen.