Tuesday, June 14, 2011

come correct.

yeah, so.

...this instantaneous-face-to-facebook-page-i-chatting-video-skyping-tweety-bird world is seriously blowing my mind lately.

perhaps it's that i have spent the last month learning all about how the world wide web and how it's wonderful sites work (thanks jared. thanks jon. thanks for being patient with me.)

yup that's right, did you know that there are physical web servers that files for web pages have to be stored on? yeah. like rooms full of servers that hold the files that are used to create websites?

i sure as h. didn't.

stuff can't just be thrown into cyber space and stationed there. it has to have a home. aka--hosted somewhere.

at least that's how i view it in my mind. kind of like a kid leaving for college for the first time...he can go off and meet anyone, do anything...go where he pleases...but he has to have that original foundation where his roots are planted deep. and that is home.

yes, just like a website.

i know, i'm so freakin' smart.

this world is taking my head for a spin...

another example of this crazy-technology-driven society happened a couple weeks ago.

i was in gap with one of my friends. he was absolutely certain that he recognized one of the employees there.

he repeated this. over and over.

how do i know her? he asked himself again and again.

somehow he thought he knew this girl. she was friends of his friends or from his home town. something along those lines.

honestly, i didn't really care.

i mean...if he was that interested in her. get a phone number and ask her out.

i went on with my shopping and a few moments later i turned to find him--iphone in hand--scrolling through random facebook pages.

it took him--at very most--a minute before he had her profile pulled up. right there. being held in the palm of his hand. with her physically standing roughly twelve feet away from us.

he wasn't "friends" with her.

but had recognized her from pictures with other friends.

personally, i found this creepy
. and uncomfortable.

like walking in on someone sitting on the toilet. it's so unsettling even though you don't really see anything. it's invasive. it just is.


and i told him so. i strongly felt like our pretty-little-cute-as-a-button gap girl was totally being violated right now.

kris....he started...

this isn't creepy. this is the world we live in.

he was right.

and though that didn't make me feel any less weirded out or find it any less invasive that he could stand their and know this girl without even speaking to her...

the part about this being the world that we live in. the world we have created for ourselves. the world we buy into. the world we crave and need. yup, that part was all true.

we're curious creatures, eh?

who crave and thirst for information of any kind. and we want it fed to us like freakin' apes in a caged zoo.

and once it's thrown at us, we're going to swallow it whole and run around screaming for more. and now. please.


one magic touch of an iphone.

and we can 'know' the hot gap girl. relationship status. education. work experience (duh. think we figured that one out). hobbies. interests. favorite books. tv shows (i mean, i could of told my friend she was into the bachelorette and gossip girl already. you don't need fb to sum up those kind of things).

with the scroll through a photo album we can see what her friends are like. what she wears. what kind of style she goes for. guys she has dated. what kind of activities she does on a weekend night. and just how slutty she is willing to go over the fb...


we can know just about any shallow--superficial thing that we need/want/love to know.

right down to about two and half layers below the surface.

deep, eh?

it's a perfect world we live in.

so cheers. cheers this lovely morning to the gap girl and her all-so-revealing-and-meaningful fb profile.

you've got to love it.

even though--most of the time--i just don't understand it.

kind of like the phrase "come correct". i'm hearing it all over the place--in business meetings, street conversations...amongst friends.

i mean, what the h. does that even mean?

come correct.

according to the online rap dictionary (yes the online rap dictionary does exist. check it here) it means: 'to represent the real'.


okay, well...good to know. because up until now i'm pretty sure i have been walking around for twenty-three years, day-by-day representing the unicorns and leprechauns...and edward and jacob and their gangs of fantastical creatures...and while i was at it, i figured i might as well hold true to my beliefs that i will one day marry ashton kutcher and bare his beautiful children.

uh-huh, darn straight that's what i represent.

...but maybe i'll stop doing that now. and perhaps i will finally...oh yes, finally come correct.



and as long as i'm coming correct...

i should probably admit that it's been a rough week. however. it's been beautiful.

and i've learned a lot.

like watching your sisters raft down a park river on a raft that is much to small in rapids that were bigger than expected can leave you laughing so hard that you have tears streaming from your eyes.

also, that random trips to the pet store are sometimes desperately needed. i seriously love puppies.

and once again, chocolate chip cookies pull through. they never fail.

marriage really is a beautiful thing.

oh and sleep is oh-so-gooooooood-- when you can get some. and i seriously have the best friends in the whole entire world.

and as it turns out...they can keep us watching the bachelorette (even though i seriously could slap ashley so dang hard. man, she's so whiny and annoying). oh, and how will they do that you ask? by tossing a BENTLEY RETURN teaser at us! are we serious?! of course i'll be watching!


this coming correct thing feels pretty good.

oh. and i almost forgot. listen to this song.


  1. Of you course you are not going to bear Austin Kutcher's children...because I am.....I'm glad you can finally accept that fact. Oh and be sure to update your facebook I am here with so and so...so everyone can know where you are at all times and can stalk every move you make. And I am regretting not trying the gas station burrito place right now.
    Yours Truly,

  2. Aubry Comment NUMBER 2June 15, 2011 at 8:51 AM

    Okay so I said Austin instead of Aston and wrote Bear instead of Bare so you should all be highly concerned about the american public education system right now and promptly start saving to enroll your kids in privite school. Thank you very much.

  3. My children's future is in good hands!!! Love ya Aubs!!!

  4. I miss the days when you had to talk to someone to get to know them. Pretty soon everyone forget how to strike up casual conversation and our phones will be handcuffed to our wrist. We all have become intruders to each other through facebook. Oh the world we live in...

  5. The crazy part is...it blows my mind and yet I buy into all of it.

    It's very interesting. :)

  6. Do we buy into it because we have no other choice? That's what I wonder


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