Tuesday, June 7, 2011

life's playlist.

i woke up early. another vivid, upsetting dream.

i'm tired now.

just another by pete yorn
is playing as i fold this laundry that's been sitting here for two days. the light melody plays and i think of those long slender hands, strumming across those old guitar strings. me--forgetting to breath.

remembering how frightened i felt.

not knowing how to break the news. how to tell him.

hm. i guess it's just one of those nostalgic songs. the kind that can send the chills of old-repressed-memories up and down a girls spine.

you have those? or is it just me...?

swiftly walking through the grocery store to grab some milk. just milk that's all, acting like for some non-existent reason i am in a hurry.

but my step slows down and i stop caring once i hear the beginning chords to 'sister golden hair' by america.

get's me every-single-freakin'-time.

i think of a time standing on those majestic red rocks. deeply inhaling that coveted desert heat.

a mixture of some frozen lemonade and the feeling of coming home.

to a home i never knew before.

just one of those songs that reminds me of everything good, simple and real in my life. do you have one of those? or is it just me?

setting 'black' by pearl jam on repeat. it's nice to have something complimentary to your tears.

i guess it's just one of those songs that seems to speak out to you. like when the writers sat down to write this song, they met in front of all-telling-storyboard of your life and then catered the words to directly hit at all your insecurities and past fears.

you have one of those? or is it just me?

the memory of driving across oahu--wind blowing through your hair as innocent as your every breath--seventeen, full of hope and beautiful.

ocean waves and air that smelled like a bouquet of tropical flowers.

the catchy swag of red hot chili peppers, snow playing on your i-pod.

a song that makes you long for that naive-perfect-innocence towards life again...do you have one of those?

one mountain cabin and a long dirt road. windows down. aviators on. train's 'if it's love' blasting through the speakers.

for the first time--in a long time--i felt it again.

"...and we decide that it's forever. no one else could do it better."

we decide. i like that. a lot.

because if we choose that forever is what we want--we should take it and let no one else do it better.

just makes me smile.

you have one of those?

p.s. here are some other songs on my life's playlist right now...

when i go--brett dennen

whistle for the choir--the fratellis
(this shiz is so catchy)

my hands are shaking--sondre learche

(from a little film i like to call dan in real life)

tighten up--the black keys

"take my badge but my heart remains"
you have to love this music video. these kids have got game.

the way--fastball
classic, right?

torn--natalie imbruglia
"so i guess the fortune tellers right...
i should have seen just what was there and not some holy light
but you crawled beneath my veins
and now, i don't care."

p.p.s. i feel as if i understand the giraffe in this picture. not sure why.

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