Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer, take a seat. stay a while.

...being that yesterday was the first 'official' day of summer
i figure it's that time.

yes indeed...

time for keen's-summer-list-of-pure-watermelony-goodness.
(it's become somewhat of a tradtion.
basically i just tell you all the things i am going to do this summer...
fun, right?)

so, here we go.

1. mona.
yes, i was planning on hitting-up my dear-ol'-mona-rope-swing
this week, but unfortunately am now ill.
rest assured, i will be swinging from those ropes asap.

2. rodeo topped with a fair and fireworks.
really, those things all end up going together anyways...
so i am going to shove them all in the same category.
ye-haw, brad.

3. stand-up paddle boarding.
i'm probably much-much-much too excited about this.
but seriously...
so freakin' excited.

4. the fourth of july she-bang.
the 4th of july is one of the true loves of my life.
check out the freedom festival in provo if you don't have plans.
(you're missing out aubs.)

5. st. george, topped with zion's
and tuachan...

honestly, i already have tickets to a couple shows this summer.
and then i'll be heading back in september for,
drumroll please....
my boys: america.
round two. see round one here.

6. farmers market.
we'll see how this goes...
but i'm going to give it a shot this summer.

7. provo river.
yes...i kind of cringe as i say this but i'm going to try and make amends
with the river who has...
for three years in a row now...
tried to take my life. yes, this is happening.

8. listen to lots of good music.
something about great music streaming from the car window
on a steamy summer day.

9. 'time with mi mama and mi papa'
name that movie si, neesh, dane...anyone from the warwick household?
i want some quality time with my family this summer.
my sisters and brother are all grown up now...
and i know there is a lot of hesitant change right around the corner.
i want to eat this time up.
yup, just like i am gonna eat up all this watermelon.

10. love.
cliche. i know, gag me.
but i have a strong desire just to love this summer.
love life. love what i'm doing. love the moment...
every breath of warm summer-bon-fire-filled air. i want to love it.

...have i missed anything?
any other activities that i have to do?
i'm open for suggestions....
pretty please.


  1. a few things you missed, don't worry I got your back:
    1. Go to the spa with your new roomies.
    2. Walk around Arlington basking in how hot you are.
    3. Walk around Arlington basking in how hot all the Arlington boys are.
    4. Buy six pairs of nordsrum's high heels and a prada purse so you can fit in at Arlington.
    5. Find your best friend Aubry a hot Arlington boy to date.
    6. Return to your formar provo super star status because you have moved back to the right side of the tracks
    7. Tan at the Belmont pool but snub you nose at all the boys because you live at Arlington.
    Wow Kris you have a busy summer ahead of you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to lighten your load. I am only here to help!

  2. P.S. i think it is very brave of you to give the provo river another chance, considering it is supposed to be record high this year. I'm sure you will be just fine.

  3. Aubry stop being such a hater and come sleep on any of my three floors...or watch bachelorette on my big screen in hi-def...or just come stare at all the superstars going in and out of my family room. you know you want it.


    p.s. you'll probably end up on the river with get ready.

  4. KATIE MY LOVE!!!! I am actually almost 100% positive that I will be coming out in September!!! So please plan on it! I miss you and need to see your darling kids!!!

  5. Ok september! I'll plan on it, you better be out here :) I should be coming out there pretty soon. Maybe stop by there at the end of July, Daniel has leave, so we'll see. Love you so much girl! Miss you! Hope all is well!

  6. 11. marry me
    12. Run your fingers through my curly hair.
    13. lots of babies
    lets have a GREAT summer.
    i love you kristen.


from keen.