Wednesday, June 1, 2011

truths about keen.

...i do actually believe my spirit animal to be a giraffe.
respect it, please.
am mildly obsessive compulsive. but whatever, right?
was born a true californian. spent most my childhood in the ocean.
...claim utah as home 100%.
and am about as girl as it gets.

i have a life dream to go stand-up paddle boarding.
(if i found out i was dying tomorrow, i would seriously go do this right now.
aubs, you down?)

and anyone who knows me, knows that i live for the 4th of july.
(i'm like a giddy-boy-crushing-fourteen-year-old at parades. love them.)
am classically a 90's-grunge-and-70's-rock kinda girl.
but enjoy getting down and funky to my girl rihanna on the radio.

i'm super bugged by the color of ashley's hair.
(probably because at one point, my hair was an odd browny-ish-red color.
and well...i don't really want to talk about that time of my hair's life.
we're sticking to blonde ladies and gentlemen.)

am a sling-bag carrying, feathery jewelry wearing, retro wanna-be.
i hate tandem bikes. seriously, hate them.
(why? because i get so frustrated when i don't have control when riding a bike.)
and am easily startled.

i have rockstar friends that--excuse my language--kick-ass at what they do,
was a nerd all my life (ask the front desk peeps at my elementary school.
i won most scholarly and 'student of the...[month, year, day, week, etc...]" awards.)

and started wearing glasses in the third grade.
(as pictures will show, my glasses never fit right and always sat crooked on my face.
my nose doesn't have the curve at the top that most people's does...
i know, right?
yup, i even looked the nerd part.
thank heavens for that first pair of contact lenses.)

i'm scared to death of fish. and tornadoes.
(i blame twister. the movie. not the colorful, dotted game.
and as for the fish...i blame my fear of lakes. which comes from my 5th grade
class halloween party experience of watching
the creature from the black lagoon. so freakin' traumatizing.)

i have an inch long scar on my right pointer finger that looks like a nun.
and dig my freckles in the summer time.

i love watching people find confidence in themselves. cold cereal for probably two meals a day.
i am crazy about the names blake and chase. but for girls.
and know that i will one day have a total diva for a daughter.
(which i love the thought of more than small puppies
and chocolate-chip cookies combined.)

i'm not afraid--at all--to put people in their place.
i'm up for a challenge. and ready to fight.
and i know one day.
sooner rather than later....i will take a great leap into some
unexplored waters of crystal clear dreams.
and do something great....

and for the record. i'm craving some dan in real life and
paradise chocolate chip cookies.
but maybe i should branch out...? suggestions?
oh, and my little sister neesh comes home for summer semester
tomorrow. let the party begin.


  1. yeah dude, I'm down

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. at least you were a really cute nerd right?

  4. Ha ha, I'm not so sure about that, but those were the good ol' days in Mr. Lowe's class.

    Actually...I'm pretty sure we had like every class together from first through fifth grade.

  5. and I know I have every class picture. bwaha ha ha!


from keen.