Saturday, July 16, 2011

to:_____ from: keen.

to the seven-eleven worker i had so-selfishly neglected for much, much too long.

thank you for remembering me. thank you for your always smiling face and forever changing facial hair (seriously it's impressive how creative you get with your goatee and sideburns).

to the old woman in the downtown elevator.

if you hadn't 'accidentally' pressed every floor button, i wouldn't have such an entertaining and oh-so-very-claustrophobic story to tell. i appreciate that.

to my new friend who loves luxury cars and st. bernards.

real quick, be honest....

to sleep. oh-how-i-seriously-love-you.

i just wish you'd come easier to me. seriously, how-on-earth did my roommate and i sleep through all five of our alarms yesterday? how does that even happen?

to the females of arlington. eh-hem.

when a licensed medical professional tells you your tan has reached a dangerously-unhealthy level. maybe, just maybe you should listen. come on girls, really?

is extreme superficiality really that important?

freakin' paranormal activity going on around this place.

to the old friend i don't get to see very often.
who always stays the same.

i missed you.

to shaun t.
you're honestly killing me on a daily basis.

i kind of hate you and yet, i keep coming back. i've never seen such 'insane' quick results with anything i've ever done. you rock.

to joe.

the owner of my new and favorite provo-hole-in-the-wall mexican food joint (well not so much a 'hole' as it is the second half of a dirty smoke shop). best chicken burrito ever. thank you for the two free baskets of chips and your kick-a salsa. i don't even care if that means i am too much of a regular there.

so freakin' good.

to the way my hair has become exceptionally wavy with intense amounts of chlorine and sun exposure. yeah, i kind of love you.

so free and careless.

to aerosmith. dude, looks like a lady.

to laguna beach re-runs
. huzzah. (i'm such a silly girl sometimes.)

to heat waves. and campfires. happy hour at sonic. and endless bottles of water
(seriously, so crazy dehydrated lately)
. to happiness. to friends that stick by you even when you are difficult (yes, me. i can be a difficult human being). to no expectations. and thinking outside the box. to cozy beds and canyon drives to the lake. to playful banter. growing up. and allowing yourself to breath.

to deciding if it's forever. and knowing that no one could do it better.

yes, to all of you.


from keen.


from keen.