Monday, July 25, 2011

yes, okay. i love parades.

people often question it.
sometimes they just don't understand...
but i love parades...

streets of blissfully happy people.
cheering at...nothing really.
cheerleaders. shimmering floats. and marching bands.
celebrating freedom. celebrating tradition. celebrating life.
yup, i see nothing not to love about that.
the 'soul' choir of pioneers.
a crowd favorite of the morning.
we're so cultural.
honestly, it isn't hard getting aubs to go with me...
she loves parades just about as much as i do.
dangerous words.
be careful what you demand out of life.
thank goodness for our pioneer heritage.
days of 47'.
i took a couple shots of the new blue lemon restaurant.
at the new city creek center.
which is already blowing my mind.

there you have it.
we do what we do. and we love it.


  1. well i think out of all the not so flattering pictures you have posted of me on your blog this one beats all. Thanks kris

  2. which one?! I liked all of them ha ha

  3. And you mocked the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade, why???

  4. Er-bear...

    There was a float with characters dressed up in scandalous western garb ACTUALLY getting drunk in the Cheyenne parade.

    Why would I ever mock such class?


from keen.