Wednesday, August 17, 2011

words of comfort. by aubry.

aubry ann is my very best friend. in the whole-wide-world.

we're a unique pair. different in many ways. and yet so understanding of each others' lives.

some might call us a balancing act.

when we were fifteen
, i taught aubry that it was--in fact--okay for a girl to wear some mascara and blush. and in return, she taught me that my then-very-long-blonde-hair did not need to be perfectly and meticulously curled on a daily basis (thanks for that aubs.)

we help each other 'come correct'. ew. (honestly, i still hate that phrase so much. i just can't even say it without feeling foolish)

aubry is studying to be a high school english teacher, is one of the funnier people i know on this planet, has a serious eye for anything fashion related, and is overall a pretty world-rocking-individual. oh. and you can check out her blog here.

take it away aubs.

My nephew is the most darling thing that has ever lived. I'm not even remotely exaggerating. (Kris back me up...)

Ever since he was an infant he has sought to be completely comfortable at all times. He would stretch his stubby little arms behind his head as soon as he figured out how to use them...and took long naps while everyone wished he would wake up and play. Now he takes his two fleece blankets, that's right two, everywhere he goes and burrows his baby soft, blonde haired, blue eyed, two year old face in there gentle embrace instead of the hardness of your shoulder. Even on the long drive to California, with the car's air condition battling the oppressive heat of Las Vegas (and losing might I add) he still insists on both blankets being wrapped around him, face read and hair damp. But he has his two blankets so he is happy.

He seeks to feel warm, secure, and comforted.

The way I feel when I read To Kill a Mockingbird in my back yard in alpine, on a not so hot but not so cold day, in the shade of those huge cotton trees that gives everyone allergies in the spring, but their shade is so perfect you forgive them. Or when I play badminton with the family in the back yard on Summer days after church; trash talking Justin even though his team has never lost, and kinda thinking I am still going to win despite the widely know fact that you have horrible coordination.

How I felt when I would go visit my Great Aunt Margie (my idol) on Catalina Island Linkand even though she was sixty she would swim with me all day, buy a big olaf (a giant waffle cone with a sundae in yum) with me and I would wake up with the ocean breeze blending flawlessly with her coffee heating up in the kitchen.
Like living with three of my best friends in all the best apartments Provo has to offer. Spending my days doing everything I possibly could to keep Erin and Jessica from leading their overly responsible lifestyle (to the point of wrestling Jessica over the temperature of the heater) and occasionally going on stalking adventures with Kristen (I'm not talking about facebook here...and Kristen honestly has a gift....taco tuesday 2008). And of course.... heart cookie (or should I say the cause of all our future heart attacks cookie).

The times when I was sitting in a young women's lesson and I decided I wanted to be really good...and it didn't even seem like it's going to be hard.

It's those moments of calm simple happiness that I want to put in a tupperware, stick in my freezer, and gobble up when life gets a little too hectic, like the time smoke came billowing out of the front of my car while driving down state street, or when I drank three energy drinks in an effort to stay awake during finals week and fell asleep anyway. Yes Shakespeare can be just that boring.

Yes mam, I will take one scoop of unconditional love.....actually make that two scoops.

Add some whipped blissful happiness and sprinkle it with carefree laughter and Elise's chocolate chip cookies!

Now let me put on my sweats, pull back my hair, and kick up my feet because who cares what I look like, I feel no pressure to impress at the moment.

It's those times where I successfully disregard worries and insecurities that I feel like little Willy Will with his two blankets. Holding on no matter the heat. Holding on to the two things that give him the most comfort. That make him the most happy. I think when you can hold on to your serenity, your peace of mind, your testimony, your inner happiness (whatever you want to call it) that have arrived.

You become the kind of girl or boy that people like even though they don't really know're just always (or mostly, anyone who is always anything is just faking it) happy, and that's refreshing.


  1. I love this Aubs. Thanks for doing it!!!!

  2. Love this. Thanks Aubs!!!

  3. I love this too! Miss you both lots and lots.

  4. Aubriy, you just can't drop the thermostat thing, can you? haha
    Great post! You have a knack for words, my friend.

  5. I'm a dummy...I spelled your name wrong. Trust me, it was just a typo!

  6. She will never drop the thermostat thing and I will never forget watching you two physically harm one another over that...

    Good times.

  7. you just have to keep some stories alive. they are too good to let die


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