Saturday, August 20, 2011

words of faith. by erin.

er-bear (erin) is one of my best and most cherished friends.

we just have that special something. not sure what it is. perhaps it was our multiple nights spent sleeping on our awkward-king-henry sofas. crying and throwing tissues however far we could muster the strength. (we were young. give us a break)

or maybe it was that i just immediately fell in love with her confidence as an individual and her desire to stand up for her beliefs.

also. she introduced the-beloved-heart-cookie into all of our lives (which i love and hate you for er-bear).

erin is currently going to dental school at creighton university. is one of the most brilliant, scholastic people that i've ever known. was recently married to her high school sweetheart (but trust me, it is a more detailed story than that). and loves kanye's 'gold digger' just as much as me. (if you ain't no punk holla' we want pre-nup!)

so, happy day. here is erin.

Trusting, hoping and believing in someone or something. Yes, faith is involved in religion, but it also encompasses so much more. It is the knowledge that after a cold, depressing winter… flowers will bloom and icees will reign over hot chocolate once again. It is faith in yourself, in others and in something bigger.

I remember a time, not so long ago, that I claimed that my happiness was over. I was scared of my boyfriend leaving, of moving to a new place and even my unsure future. After a dental school acceptance, marriage to said boyfriend and an exciting mid-west life I realize my flaw. I lost faith in myself. I had tunnel vision of the past and had lost my future’s telescope. From this I am learning to use the heart cookies of the past to give me the courage to focus in on the future. When school is stressful and I just want to go back to my love sac in Provo… I look and see my future degree, future house and future family. I guess mostly I want to say that you can change your future, and to have faith that it will be better than the past.

There are certain people that hold reservoirs of my faith. I believe in my mom making everything better. Through cards, calls and visits she fixes most any of my problems. Her charity and talents astound me. I believe in her. My husband. Still kind of getting used to that adjective, but all the same I have faith in him. Even when I act a little crazy or forget that he has a family too, he’ll still love me. I know he can remind me of my faith in myself and in us. I love having faith in the man he is and the one he will become. I have faith in my friends of past and present. I love that even a thousand miles away I can still count on them for late night food binges and phone call advice. My faith grows in myself because of the people they are. Beautiful, ambitious and witty… the perfect combination for heroes. My family, while not perfect, I have faith in the people they make me and the people they are. I have faith in others, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Now something bigger. My choice for faith in something beyond myself is through religion. I know many object to such a belief, but I hold faith in my religion. I include this only because I know of its importance. I have seen those with faith lose it. I’ve seen the sadness and hatred take over their lives. It does not have to be in God. But I think it’s important to believe in something to reduce fear of tragedy and encourage the desire to do good. If for nothing else than to know that bad things are for a reason and good people will be rewarded for being good.

These are my thoughts on faith. I will admit my chosen naivety on the matter. It makes me a happier person to believe in a better tomorrow. Even on empty glass days I hope for a better tomorrow. My advice? Work on faith in any one of these areas. Learn to have faith in yourself, or contemplate the “faithfull” people in your life or even look to the stars to imagine something beyond this world.

you can visit erin's lovely blog here.


  1. I love this post so much--Thanks Erin.

  2. Mine too. P.S. I have to go to the dentist on Monday. BOOO. But you will be a good dentist. Even though I hate them.


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