Tuesday, August 16, 2011

words of hope. by neesh.

neeshy-neesh (nichel) is my youngest sister.

she lives in hawaii,
is planning on touring through europe next year in a volkswagon van (i'm crossing my fingers she makes it through without being raped), and is just about one of the most confident, sassy, and oh-so-insanely-beautiful individuals that i know.

i've always looked up to her (i mean, physically speaking she is taller than me). but for real. this girl lives life the way she chooses to live it. she has never been afraid to dream. and she has never been afraid to go after what she wants.

i admire her confidence in herself. i always have.

so, there you have it.

ladies and gentlemen, this is neesh.

For starters, I'm not a writer. Most my English teachers could tell you that but I have learned a thing or two this past year about having hope for love. So Kris, this is for you babe.

A year ago next month you wrote this post for me.

You taught me a lot about life and what to gear up for...but i will never for get what you taught me about love.

You told me
not be afraid to fight for love and to love with all my spunky heart, because it is worth the fight.

You told me I'd be the source and the victim of heartbreak, but through it all love is worth fighting for.

I can't tell you how many times i've read that blog post over and over again.

It got me through my highest highs and lowest lows in Hawaii.

And every time i read it, it becomes more and more true.
There is something to say about hope..hope for the world...hope for people...hope for the stars...hope for peace..
but most of all hope for love.

The topic of love is among the most fragile delicate of subjects that there is. And i can't say i know much about the topic except that I am 100% head over heels in love with the idea of being in love. I also know that I have never been more afraid of anything in my life. (I know I try to act like I can take over the world without a fear but fact is i have lots of them.)

Unconditionally loving is something we all aim for.

We dream of love, pray for love, and hope for love. Some of the things in life I was born to love. Others I have learned to love. Most of all loving unconditionally is something I strive for...scares me to death...but one day I know my heart will be open to loving with all that I am.

We put up walls, trust less, and lose hope.

At first it seemed I was the only one who put up walls when it came to love. But when we are being completely honest, these walls come from any love being lost...from anyone...at anytime.

I have hope for the day that I meet him and when I know. I will never need anything but him to make me perfectly happy. And I have hope that love will work out for all those who it has not yet graced.

So this is a hope for all of the hopeless out there.

Don't be afraid to love.

Love what you do.

Love where you are.

Love who you are with.

Love what surrounds you.

Love what your passionate about and love the world around you. Because all of it is beautiful...every single tiny inch of it.

Loving is the purest form of happiness.

Allow walls to fall. Trust in loving and unconditionally love. Love is the greatest hope we can have.

So give a hand to the world.

Give a hand to the people.

Give a hand to the stars.

Give a hand to peace...and give a hand to hope and having hope for love.

That is my hope to all the hopeless.

thanks nichel. (this may or may not have made me cry a little).

mmmgh. love you so much.


  1. Neesh, I like you.

  2. Wish everyone in the world could feel loved. One of the greatest blessings is feeling unconditional love for your children! You love everything about them, everything they do, everything they accomplish and everything they are. I love you so much!!! Thanks for the great message!

  3. Ahh neesh. great post!


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