Monday, August 15, 2011

words of those who inspire. by keen.

this week. i am trying something new.

as you know. i write. a lot.

and of course, i love it. that's why i have this somewhat-revealing-and-yet-vaguely-mysterious online hub of mine.

a hobby.

a passion.

an obsession.

i don't really know. but whatever it is. i love it, and i keep at it.

some don't really know how to swallow it. and others seem to enjoy and relate to it. either way is okay with me.

i'd never force my words upon anyone. i'd never insist that people listen to what i say. (okay, that's a lie...sometimes i get a tiny bit demanding. but for the most part, i would never).

that being said, i feel that it is time to give credit where credit is due.

and that my friends, is to those who inspire.

who enhance my life. who teach me. who have helped me develop into the person that i am. and who are continually encouraging me to grow.

those who make me laugh.

those whom i run to when i need comfort.

to the besties that have seen me through it all. to the family that i don't know how i would live without. to the 1 a.m. chocolate-chip-heart-cookie-makers (erin, that is mainly a shout out to you dearest). to my 5th grade teacher mr. lowe. to mckette, the beautiful-young-mom that stood as my idol through my teenage years. to my aunt sandy who has taught me strength.

to all the funky, loving kick-a people that come in and out of my life.

you all. seriously, you all have inspired me.

so this week, it is about you.

and i've invited some different people to do the talking for me this week.

they'll be writing on a variety of topics. words of just about anything they are inspired to write about. words that may mean one thing to me and something completely different to you...

and that is the sexy part behind words.

you never quite know who you will relate to. or how you will relate to them. kinda mysterious, eh?

so. here we go.

please enjoy.

p.s. have you ever, ever, ever seen a more perfect sitting room? the sleekness of those retro chairs has me giggling out of sheer giddiness, that crazy sexy console with the eclectic artwork has me biting my nails in anticipation, that wheeled-cart-reclaimed-wood-coffee-table has me feeling officially and totally infatuated...and that rug gets me a little more excited than a rug probably should. yup, i have a big-fat-crush on that rug.


okay, now here we go.

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