Saturday, October 8, 2011

the birthday wishlist.

okay, so. my birthday is next week.
yes sir.
another year older and wiser--at least we hope.
and everyone has been kindly and thoughtfully inquiring as to what i would like...
sweethearts. yes, sweethearts you are.
but sadly, i haven't really had any answer for them.
so. i have created this small-little-list of birthday wishes to share.

for starters, the fireplace (pictured above) and insane artwork
would make me one happy, happy girl.
no gift receipt needed. guaranteed i won't be returning that dreamboat.

and then there is this living space.
this artwork. the long window sweet. retro furnishings
and sassy rug.

i'd unwrap this in a heartbeat.

next up on the birthday wishlist.
the kitchen of my dreams.
and honestly, i don't have enough charming words in my vocabulary to do this space justice.

if this doesn't come around for my birthday
....i may just have to ask santa.

still need more ideas?
okay, how about the bedroom that pwns all other bedrooms?
come to keen. please.
this combo of texture, patterns, color and reclaimed
wood kinda makes me want to run around in circles giggling.

no, not kidding.

and if you're not liking any of those ideas.
how about this darling chalkboard-wall bedroom for my future son...
perfect, eh?
i think so too.

and for those of you not up for the extremely detailed and expensive
home decor gift options....

i'll take a pair of these fabulous blur zipper ankle boots.
definitely wouldn't throw these beauties out on a cold night.

and of course, we could just go for this whole outfit.
that i am very much in love with.
i know, right?

okay, and for those of you who are not in the market to buy me
expensive furnishings or five hundred dollar shoes....

show up to my door with a kneaders chocolate chip cookie.
yup, it does the trick.



  1. Ha ha, happy birthday Keen!!!

  2. What day is your birthday???

  3. i've got the kitchen so nobody else get her the same thing!

  4. yeah, that bedroom is amazing


from keen.