Thursday, November 24, 2011

just celebrating our heritage...that's all.

happy thanksgiving.

i'm overwhelmed with how much i have to be grateful for.
seriously. i'm so undeserving...

and i'm so thankful for all of you.
thank you for reading.

oh right, and the warwick family recently discovered that one of our great great aunts...
(or something like that)
was kidnapped by navajo indians way back in the day,
but ended up marrying the chief and were very happy together.
(cute story, right?)

and ever since then...we've felt a sense of belonging
father's side: hard-core puritan pilgrims.
mom's side: mormon pioneers with a married-in native american heritage.
yup, it's the blood in our veins.

so, we built a tepee.

happy turkey day loves.


  1. That story makes your teepee even better! Wow! haha! So, I still don't see a follower gadget... Is my computer being dumb and not loading it?

  2. You're so cute girl! Thanks! And It should be working now! I finally just re-downloaded the gadget :)

  3. This is awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. Kris....this story explains a lot


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