Friday, January 13, 2012

dream catchers and a pretty dress.

i watch that dream catcher sway back and forth.

whimsical, isn't it? brave in a way--fighting off evil during the night and all.

heroic, maybe?

and despite the lack of opportunity it’s being given to ‘filter away the bad dreams’--considering my current struggles with insomnia (yeah, my brain is hating on sleep these days)--i know that it does its job well.

and yes, i like to embrace my navajo heritage (okay, navajo by marriage. but still.)

because as i watch it be. i’m starting to remember what was forgotten.

the good dreams.

remembering what it’s like to wish something wouldn’t end. feeling that power within your chest as you take it in.


that eagerness to know more. wishing you could close your eyes and see. see what good is coming. just a quick glimpse of how it all ends--just to keep you going through the day.

to be renewed, able to start fresh. to feel that sense of being. a sense of being a part of the world. of purpose. and of life running through the veins.

embracing the different paths that wait so patiently there in front of you (and oh-how grateful i am for their patience).

remembering, that all you really have to do is choose one. make the decision. and run. and keep running. and you are good at that.

look straight ahead. and tell yourself to focus.

let the adrenaline rush through your body as quickly as it will (adrenaline is my current crush. yeahhhh, it's just so sexy).

feel the winds coming at you from every direction. letting the sun pierce at your right cheek bone from the west. and breath in the chilled air from the eastern mountain shadows.

salute to the sun. and breath in it’s magic.

this, this is the good dream.

when you wake up on a friday morning.

realizing that your problems are absolutely nothing compared to that most beautiful individual you met this past weekend. most beautiful in every possible meaning of the word.

the one who struggles to walk and is living on the mercy of time--which could run out at just about any moment.

he never complains. and continues to do what is right. and rather than ‘waiting’ out his remaining days. he is embracing them; focusing on the good dreams.

i have so much to learn from this individual. and i’ll stand nearby, dumbfounded. watching him cling to what is right when something so very very wrong has taken over his life. wishing i could change the scene in front of me.

yes, the good dream.

when you sit at work, going through your g-mail and can’t help but click on the web clip at the top saying “robert pattinson shaves his head! omg!”

suddenly feeling moderately embarrassed for yourself--that your google account is now automatically feeding you entertainment news.

invasive? no. not really.

you’ve accepted the fact long ago that this world is no longer a place of privacy. you do what you do and you share it with the world.

and then that presents its own question.

a question of truth.

what do i do? and what am i sharing with the world?

your thoughts linger back to that man with limited days on this earth. who struggles to even lift his left leg. he’s too young. much too young to be leaving this world. he has so much to do. so much to share.

you cry.

and then think about that dream catcher. brave. heroic. legendary.

it’s peaceful. and beautiful. and protective.

so sure of it’s purpose. of what it is doing and what it is sharing with those who choose to care. yeah, i kinda envy it in that way.

maybe one day i’ll be able to say that for myself.

and though i know i will never live up to the strength of that beautiful individual that so bravely carries on day by day, i will never forget the simple truths he has taught me.

and like a dream catcher. like this new friend of mine--i will hold tight to all of those beautiful, hopeful, "please-don’t-wake-me-i-have-to-see-how-this-ends" dreams.

oh, and you're probably wondering about the pic? yeah, totally random. i just fell in love with it. and decided that one day--in the future--i want a dress jussssst like it.

got it from here.


from keen.