Sunday, January 22, 2012

my week. instagram style.

top instagram moments from the last week (or so)
1. bought new fantastic bedding
pretty, eh?
compliments of t.j. maxx, ikea, and home goods (all my faves)
2. i have a small love affair with this utah winter...
the beautiful skies and mountains tease me constantly.
3. weekend outfit:
cherry red grace and audrey cardigan w/ favorite jeans
4. bought this vintage stanley thermos for a friend
rad seafoam green, right?
5. brought out the leopards one night...
when i was feeling extra sassy.
love them with all my fashionista heart.
6. night out on the town with my hip b.f.f.
7. fell in love with an antique hutch...
i know. it's the definition of the world charming.
8. struggled with insomnia for a good portion of the week...
found myself resting my head on my desk.
drinking way too much dc.
9. did my nails in champagne sparkles.
and found matching vintage pumps...

so there was my week.
at least---according to instagram.

from keen.

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