Monday, February 13, 2012

an affair to remember.

i’m currently having an affair.

yes, a heated and most guilty affair. on my oh-so-loyal diet coke.

and i’m slightly ashamed to admit who it is with, but i have to be straight forward. as hard as this may be, i can't leave any of you speculating.

eh-he-hem. ok,
it’s dr. pepper ten.

i know what you’re thinking. but he’s so young and so fluid, kristen. there isn’t any depth or history there and frankly--cheating is just wrong.

but just ten playful calories for a can of serious deliciousness? cut a girl a break. there is way to much being thrown around in my face right there.

i'm only human.

and how can a silly girl like me resist such flavor?

now. of course, my heart still beats to the caffeinated/carbonated/chemicalized zing of dc. no really. it does (p.s. i actually have no idea if chemicalized is even close to being an actual word--so don't quote me on that, since i know you wanted to)...

but listen to me. dc-baby, you’re my rock.

you are my ty burrell (a.k.a phil dunphey from modern family).

the one i trust. the one that i can turn to no matter what. the one that will always always be there to make me laugh and make me angry and love me through it all.

dr. pepper-ten is just a fling. my ryan gosling, if you will.

yes, i know he’s ridiculously good looking. don’t be hatin'. and appearance wise--a strong thirteen out of ten. acting wise--about as good as it gets (example: lars and the real girl--haven’t seen it? i’ll be watching it for my valentines day tradition. join me and my bag of swedish fish if your heart so desires.)

yes, let’s just call it how it is: he’s about as tempting as it gets.

but i’m not an idiot. and i realize that such obvious perfection is most likely deceitful. and yes, he is more than likely a world class d-bag once you start peeling back those polished layers.

but just a little fling or two never hurt anyone, right?

yeah? no? okay. you’re right.

starting right now, i’m going to get my act together. shape up. put things into perspective.

forgive me dc.

please, forget i ever said anything.

but since we’re at it already, i have to confess. that this past week i consumed a truly embarrassing amount of dark chocolate...on a daily basis. and then jacked up my knee at the gym trying to make up for it.

watched enough starring j.lo. by myself (yeah, low point? or really really high point? i’ll let you be the judge)

bought a piece of ikea furniture. my first. special, right?


saw ‘the vow’ with my two besties and shell-bell (my mom). and honestly almost walked out of that newly remodeled-swanky-lehi-megaplex. and not just because my theatrephobia started kicking in from about minute two, and not really because of the scandalous scene where the audience was graced with a full on view of channing’s naked ace. but mostly because of the frustration i felt for the poor guy. rachel mcadams is no easy-pleaser in that one.

but other than a bummer-box-office-experience, i’m pretty jazzed about life.

i have one more week living in utah. next weekend i start my new life. in a brand new crazy place. with a whole new...everything. scary? damn straight.

exciting? absolutely.

ultimate chance for a new beginning.

and i’m learning a lot.

like how good it feels to be taken care of. and how okay that feeling really is. even though is still suck at it. and how online shopping at urban outfitters at 2:30 a.m.--when you’re mostly asleep and having very fantastical thoughts about life--is a bad bad bad idea.

no kristen, you cannot pull off those pants like you somehow dreamed you could. sorry gf.

also, is addicting. period (for any of you ladies wanting work-out gear. i just purchased the new nike-pro running pants and they are flat-out the best i’ve ever had. and i've got my eye on these lil' darlings now...)

oh and apparently i have zero tolerance for alcohol-intoxicated-individuals. i know, right? who knew?

and am not ashamed to admit, that i find it attractive when i order both my diet coke and glass of water at dinner (classic kristen move)...and the handsome guy across the table from me orders both his regular coke and a glass of water with his.

yep, that'll do it.

so, there you have it--in all it's scandalously clad ways. an affair to remember.

cheers, to confessions and new beginnings.

p.s. picture is from here. and i really only put it up on this post because i want it SO bad right now. isn't it insane?

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