Saturday, March 24, 2012

who run this motha?!

for those of you that don't know my story--i guess it's time i told you (i don't do this often. i rarely give mega-personal info out. usually maintaining focus in the areas of descriptive detail and slightly over-dramatized expression of emotion. a technique i am well trained in)

ah, here it goes.

so, originally from san diego. spent my high school through college years in utah. recently moved back to california, but this time to the grand ol' kookie-ass city of san francisco.

i spend my days working for a sexy little tech start-up located right in the heart of it all. check out the magic here.

mixing up my nights up with a bit of live music, dirty dancing (you think i'm bluffing? ok, yes i'm bluffin. i can hardly twist my hips enough to swivel around in my ikea office chair. my dance moves could be taught on sesame street. not kidding), tech/media events (note* i'm a newb just looking to be accepted into the sf tech world. i've still got a lot to learn) and endless amounts of good food.

san francisco is truly making me a fat girl.

a pretty 'pg' rated life, right?

okay 'pg-13' maybe. i don't know. it's clean enough.

oh, and i'm a self-classified introvert.

but no, not in the way you're probably thinking. you know, that culturally generalized definition of a person that doesn't-like-talking-to-people-avoids-social-situations-and-gets-awkward-anytime-another-human-being-enters-the-room.

in fact, most of those classifications are actually myths.

i simply find my energy from a more inward source, whereas extroverts tend to give and feed off of the energy of others. i crave time by myself but at the same time thrive off of getting to know the quirks and special secrets of the individuals around me. i don't disclose a lot of info, and i don't do well with 'neediness' and am therefore myself, not needy. anyone that has dated me can attest to the fact that i usually throw out within the first couple dates that 'i highly value space'. ha.

romantic shiz, right?

i believe its technical term is 'fair warning'.

a lot of us writers share this introvert-ness.

and f.y.i. to the world: i am currently in a slightly complicated but very passionate relationship.

with this lil' sweetie of a city. san francisco.

it's dropping mad game all over the place. and i can hardly resist. made a shameless flirt out of me.

and don't get me wrong, we have our bad days. but mostly good--just like any relationship does. but trust me, when it's on it is ON baby.

people keep telling us we're a good fit. and though we don't like to gloat--we 100% agree.

isn't that right baby sf? yeah, things are going well.

real well.

okay done. phewwwww.

that was getting a little too personal for a sec there. my bad. apologies on me tonight folks. pass em' around.

because honestly, this isn't about me.

it's about this cutie-pie of a city.

because it deserves the recognition and respect.

let's be real, where else can you get the world's most sensational-fresh-made-(i'm talking just out of the oven)-doughnuts at 1 a.m.? bob's. open 24 hours. kill me. any-freakin-time-i-want.

and where else do you end up stuck on the corner of 5th and Market at 2:57 in the afternoon. with a cracked-out-joe screaming some of the most profane things you've ever heard--directly aiming his vulgarity at you. and yes, you feel confident in claiming it, being that his screaming involved "...that little blonde ***** **** girl ****** ****** with the ****** ***** and ******* sunglasses."

and as the only blonde girl around--you've got to own up, right?

and truthfully, you've never actually heard some of these words. and his slurred, cracked out language isn't really helping the situation. but you know that they're probably not terms of endearment.

safe to assume, he's not looking to be besties anytime soon. and judging by the color of his eyes and the smell of his breath--you're fairly certain talking this out won't change things.

there goes one friendship i'll never be able to patch up.

and please, answer me this...

where else can you get the most perfect mix of hipster-cracked-out-slutty-marina-girls at a seconds notice? or watch the whole world get flat-out-w-a-s-t-e-d on saint patricks day? or enjoy an evening in a rooftop hottub looking out over the tech-hub of the world with thousands of brilliant minds moving at ridiculous speeds? or see willy nelson live at the fox theater and proceed to eat a whole box of reduced-fat cheezits on a second-hand-weed-buzz? or live three doors up from one of the most happening gay bars in the entire city? yeah, loooooookout.

because this is my life. and this is now my city.

it couldn't be making me any happier if it delivered a bouquet of overly-long-stemmed sunflowers directly to my doorstep on a daily basis (and i've received a bouquet like this before--and it was one of my all-time faves)

my daily routine. i wake up in the morning smiling. laugh a slightly ridiculous amount during the day. and go to bed completely content.

and most importantly--it ends and begins completely true and unquestionably me.

just me. kris.

just falling. day by day. more in love with life. more in love with this city. more in love with the future.

and as far as tips go, for anyone wanting to take a step--a fun little jump into something that you've never known, never experienced, and have only dreamed of--do it.

please, just go for it.

bring your 'a-game' and a lot of sexy attitude. leave behind the make-up (seriously, this city has made a hippie out of me) and bring some extra shopping cash. if you want it, you're going to make it happen and it's gonna be good.

you may surprise yourself.

just try not to get yourself lost on a train in oakland. and if you do, call me and i'll hook you up with my boy valentino. however, if you do meet a guy named valentino at the bart station--don't let him trick you into getting your number. he may call you at all hours of the night and morning.


no regrets, right?

i think we're all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. (except for some of my provo-home-boys struttin' around golds gym tonight...)

juuuuuuust kidding.

it's fun to feel alive.

title comes from my girl beyonce. i was lovin' on this song this past week.


  1. Girl, I need to hear some of these stories! Ha ha. Miss you LOTS!!! Call me soon!

    1. Will do! I will call you ASAP! Love ya!

  2. I hope you don't mind that I am also in a relationship with SF? I hear its a pretty common thing in this city. ;)

    1. Kim, I think we can share SF just fine ;) Plus-- I love you just as much!!!!

  3. I think we need to become pen pals! Just decided. I was so sad we never got to hang out and I feel like we have a lot in common. Plus we both find ourselves in new cities living new lives (not that st George is crazy or anything... It's where my school is located though). Let me know what you think about that idea!

    1. DONE! In fact, I really think you should come visit sometime. I could totally see you enjoying SF. But yes, let's please keep in touch. I want to know how Saint George is going for you!

    2. Oh I would LOVE. THAT! I've been once, but I was a sophomore in HS and it was for dance, so I didn't get to really experience SF. I'm hoping to visit my dad in Oregon this Summer, so maybe I'll stop in SF on the way?! Ok, message me your address and I'll send you a letter! :D This is great, because I actually have a ton of stationary from bloggers but haven't had a chance to use it.

  4. I'm so happy you're enjoying these new adventures! I've always said SF is so perfect because each person is a bit crazy (or a lot crazy) and doesn't mind that everyone else is, too- it makes for an incredibly fun and eclectic and inspiring place.

    and p.s. if you like food AT ALL, you will go to Brenda's. It is the absolute best southern-french-creole-kill-you-dead-amazing food of all time. especially breakfast. get the chocolate beignets and french toast for caramel pecan syrup. seriously. gah.

    1. Awww, yes! I love food suggestions! Brenda's it is. And yes, this city is amazing. It's keeping me on my toes and making me so happy. Are you going to be out this way anytime soon?! I'd love to see your cute face!


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