Friday, November 2, 2012


i can imagine it quite clearly.

a little fireball of a child. restless. adventurous. full of contagious energy. dark brown hair, eager eyes, and a heart of pure gold.

one-hundred and five percent boy. through and through. this little guy is all male--down to the bone. dreaming of football. crushing all things crush-able.  rolling around in dirt for no apparent reason. and constantly building shiz--only to crush it too.

a little boy with a whole world of possibilities ahead of him. and the god-given ability to seize any and all of it--if he so chooses.

i can imagine it.

a teen now. same dark hair, beautiful eyes eager with passion and intellect. living the story of an american teenage  boy.

star on his high school football team. living the dream of his younger years. hanging with his buds and dating the pretty brunette on the cheer squad.

winner of 'most handsome' in his class. and voted on as homecoming king. just being what an eighteen year-old should be.  living like a teenage boy does--with fairly consistent trips to the emergency room, too many stitches to count, and the ongoing belief that he is truly invincible.

and that heart.

that perfect heart of his. the one of pure, radiant gold. so steadfast and solid. beating with the sole purpose of giving and receiving love.

i can imagine him.

that college guy. handsome with his dark hair, now cut a little shorter. eyes still bright and eager. anxious for experience. now dressed in full football uniform. standing in the stadium that he sat in so many times as a kid. the one he dreamed of all his life.

living off of cans of tuna, mac & cheese and protein powder--college life. working when he had the time. keeping himself awake through that early class. and getting that phone number of the pretty girl he saw at lunch.

he does like most college guys do--

unsure of his future, but confident that he will find a way to be the man he desires to be.

and now, i see that man.

that same dark hair and eager eyes.

eyes that i trust. that i look to for comfort and guidance. a man that now stands by my side on the bad days and the good. who holds me for no reason at all--other than to show me his love. a man that has taken those endless opportunities the world has offered him and continues to utilize them--one day at a time.

a humble, brilliant, protective man.

who respects his father and loves his mother just like a boy should. who cheers on his football team, no matter where in the world he has to internet-stream the game from.

business man. husband. brother. example. spontaneous  traveler. seeker of weird-foreign foods, and the best friend a girl could ever have.

a heart of pure gold. and so much love to give.

that's my husband.

happy birthday ron-dawg.

love you forever.


  1. Such a lovely post about your husband. So happy for you two.

  2. I love you so much and am so truly blessed to have forever to spend by your side. You forever have my heart

    Ron Dawg


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